About ME

Hi there! I’m Helen Kelly of Brisbane Hand Lettering.
A Brisbane based Calligrapher, Graphic Designer and Surface Designer.

Welcome to my creative journey that defines me—where passion for art and lettering has been woven into the fabric of my life. 

From the early days of sketching cartoons to the enchantment sparked by Noelene Morris’s ‘The Lettering Book’ in primary school, my artistic odyssey has been a cherished and evolving tale.

In my high school years, a Sheaffer calligraphy boxed set became a coveted companion, a testament to my enduring fascination with the intricate world of calligraphy. Even as I delved into the realms of Fine Arts during my studies, the art of lettering held a steadfast place in my heart. An opportunity to showcase my calligraphic skills on 150 Optus Gala Ball invitations during a freelance gig further solidified my connection with the art.

Fast forward 26 years, and my focus shifted to the dynamic realm of graphic design. Yet, the allure of lettering remained an integral part of my creative expression. A pivotal moment occurred in 2015 when I participated in Wayne Thompson’s ‘Type By Hand’ day intensive alongside the talented Matt Vergotis of the Australian Type Foundry. The experience ignited an insatiable desire to continue the journey.

In response to this newfound passion, I founded Brisbane Hand Lettering and initiated bi-monthly lettering meet-ups—an open invitation for like-minded individuals to gather, practice, and collaborate on projects. As attendees expressed interest in learning the Brush Lettering technique that had become my signature, the natural progression led to the inception of my workshops.

For three years, I delighted in sharing my knowledge and expertise at various venues, from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney. However, the call of precious family time prompted me to bid farewell to workshops, allowing me to reclaim weekends for cherished moments with my loved ones.

When I’m not immersed in creating freelance masterpieces or working part-time, you’ll find me savoring an excessive amount of coffee and exploring the corridors of every art gallery within reach.

Join me on this artistic odyssey, where every stroke tells a story and creativity knows no bounds.

Past Speaker At:
The Design Kids – ‘TDK Tuesdays’ Brisbane
Ladies Wine & Design – Brisbane chapter

Featured Online:
Desktop Magazine

Clients Include:
Leah Desborough Photography
Jane Milburn OAM – Textile Beat
KTB Design
Noosa Yarn Company
Glitter My Timbers
Cake My Day by Jo

Collaborations with:
Carys Martin Ceramics – Brush Lettered Eco Ceramic Travel Cup
Kylie And The Machine – ‘Slow Clothing’ sewing labels

Designs donated to:

The Lovewell Project Café, Mt Gravatt Lookout – Window Murals
Compassion Is My Fashion – 2 x T-shirt Designs