So a few years ago while facilitating my Brush Lettering workshops, I did a 30 day unplug from Social Media.

Let me take you back to where it all started to fall apart for me. One particular weekend in March after a workshop, I came to the sudden realisation I was winding myself up SO tight with the stress of marketing my workshop tickets andsocial media engagement that something had to give. My Brush LetteringWorkshops was one.

I was continually second guessing myself with loads of self doubt over my decisions over captions & content – not situations in real life, but the ripple effect was starting to show. Trying to please my audience was truly confusing. Pretty sad huh. But the reality is that most of us who want and need to grow a business for an income go through this regularly. That’s when I knew I needed to unplug. For me. For those around me.

Finding Austin Kleon’s latest book ‘Keep Going – 10 ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad.’ was just like eating a big bowl of comfort food. I read it within the first week of my ‘digital detox’ with constant head nods of self acknowledgment & total acceptance of what had happened and realising what I could do about it. I already had his other two New York Times Best Seller’s, but this one really patted me on the shoulder and told me that I was going to be ok. It was achievable. It was in me. Also that whole comparison & imposter syndrome was over and I’m finally left holding the reigns!

Stepping away from Social Media was just fantastic. I really value my time so much more and I’ve been able to work through my goals. MY goals. No one else’s. Yes, you have no choice but to but the blinkers on, and narrow things down without a single sideways glance. It was hard at times, trust me, but so damn rewarding. Magic.

My take-away ‘would you like fries with that’ advice? Unplug, stop scrolling and get out there. Allow yourself the time to have fun & creative freedom!